Charlie & Kelly

Charlie Allred is a Short Sale Expert who teaches Realtors how to transform from a regular Realtor into a Short Sale expert and create a great living in what most Realtors call a “down market”.

Through all her short sale experience she was able to create Money Making Short Sales, the ultimate Short Sale Commission System for Top Producers, Buyers Agents and Listing Agents to transform themselves from a regular Realtor into a Short Sale Expert. This system streamlines the short sale business, which most Realtors believe is extremely difficult into an easy to implement and maintain short sale business.

Charlie’s blog, gives easy to use marketing strategies to create the Real Estate business every Realtor wants. She also gives all her expertise on her podcast, I love short sales.

Charlie didn’t always know how to make money in real estate or even in a down market. She started her real estate career at 21 working in commercial real estate. Her job was to lease shopping center storefronts to businesses in neighborhood centers, meaning in a local grocery store shopping center, it was her job to find the restaurants, salons, and other businesses that we all visit regularly.

Charlie enjoyed working with businesses to find their perfect location and seeing them succeed once they found their location.

Then, the down economy hit and many businesses were going out of business and there weren’t new businesses to replace the failing businesses. So Charlie quickly realized she needed to make a change.

Her goal was to help as many people as possible, do what she loved and make a great living. Short Sales became her niche market quickly. Most Realtors hate short sales, they believe they are very time consuming and difficult. Charlie created a system to successfully negotiate and complete short sales efficiently.

Charlie’s Top 3 Reasons to Love Short Sales

  1. I love a price driven market – I love being able to determine the market price for a home and know it will sell at this price.
  2. I love helping homeowners – No one wants to be in a position where they can’t afford their home, owe way too much on their home or even worse, are struggling to pay their bills and their whole family’s stability is threatened.
  3. I love a challenge – I initially started working in short sales because I knew other Realtors thought they were extremely difficult. I wanted to prove them wrong!

Kelly grew up in Tempe, Arizona. She attended Xavier College Prep for high school and then graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Business Administration and Real Estate.  Upon graduation, Kelly decided to return to Arizona and began her real estate career in 2009.  Secure Real Estate is fortunate to have such a spirited and caring agent and she has quickly become one of our superstar Realtors.  Kelly’s natural follow up skills and organization have led to her recent promotion to Director of Short Sale Negotiations here at Secure Real Estate.  Her negotiating skills have saved numerous homeowners from foreclosure, as well as helping homeowners begin their financial fresh start.  Her vast knowledge and understanding of the current Real Estate Market has really excelled her career.

Currently, she is a Scottsdale resident along with her two adorable dogs, Sabotage and Fiasco.  Kelly enjoys spending time with her family and friends, decorating, traveling, photography, cooking and working out.